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  Welcome to Dividend Studio  
  Dividend Studio is a site for researching dividend paying stocks. The unique idea behind this site is the ability to cooperate with other dividend stock investors in creating a composite view of the most popular owned dividend stocks.

To get the most out of this site, follow these simple instructions:
  1. Create a profile - we need a way to store your stock information; no personal information is required
  2. Build your portfolio - use the search functions to find your stocks and then click on the "I own" checkbox
  3. View the Popular lists - these are composite lists of the most owned and wanted dividend stocks, sorted by number of users
Thats the basic idea. There is much more functionality for you to explore on your own. Charts, buying targets, stock discussion, CCC indicators, etc...
  Note: References to the "CCC" list or to "Champions, Contenders, or Challengers" are courtesy of David Fish, who publishes an extensive monthly datasheet covering dividend growth stocks. The CCC list can be accessed directly here: The DRiP Investing Resource Center  

  System Announcements!  
  4/23/19 ** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ** - The site move has been completed. If you made it here, great! Make sure and update your bookmarks. You'll find that everything from the old site has been brought over here, including your profile and portfolio lists.  

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  About this site  
  Dividend Studio is a collaborative web site for investors to research dividend paying stocks. The idea is that Users can enter their portfolio of stocks and their "want to buy" list of stocks, and subsequently all paid Users can benefit by having access to a composite view of all Users lists. In this way, Users can see which stocks are the most popular to own/want.

Users can also see details, dividend history, news, and charts for any stock in the database. If we don't have a stock you are interested in, just use the Feedback form to request that it be added. Each stock also has a comment page where Users can engage in discussions about the stock.